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We are YDYD

Lighting the Fire for Service

To Inspire

To inspire the youth to have an experiential, not just theoretical, knowledge of Christ

To Equip

To equip them with simple, practical tools for evangelism

To Train

To train them how be effective witnesses for Christ


In every Seventh-day Adventist church there are young people who desire something more than just a profession. They want to do something great for God but don’t know exactly what it is or how to accomplish it. In response to this longing, YDYD commits to be the spark The Holy Spirit uses to light the fire for service in these young people’s lives through preaching and witnessing. Furthermore, YDYD wants to guide those youth who are serious about devoting their lives to God’s service and working in the frontline for Christ.


Lighting the Fire for Service.

“There is room in the work of God for all who are filled with the spirit of self-sacrifice. God is calling for men and women who are willing to deny self for others, willing to consecrate all they have and are to his work.”

– Review and Herald, April 28, 1904

Our Story

Youth, Do You Dare? (YDYD) is a movement started in 2009 by two men, Don Ball and Brian Beavers, and was then turned over to six Hartland College students. It began simply as a series of encouraging and invigorating seminars for young people. But in the endeavor to train the youth for service, our methods changed from having the young people come to us to us going to them—inspiring and training them where they are, to be effective where they are. Thus we as youth are dedicated to share the fire for service God has lit within us with other young people looking to be part of God’s army. This we do by inspiration, equipment, and training.