Weekend Program

From Friday to Sunday

From Friday evening to Sunday, or just part of the weekend, YDYD engages in an interactive, youth-to-youth program which takes place in the churches. YDYD endeavors to revive and inspire true godliness by showing the importance and the benefits of service.

Our Topics

How to Study the Bible

There’s more to the Bible than what meets the eye. We encourage the youth to find the hidden truths in the Word of God and develop ongoing communication with Him. Having a devotional life will lead to a personal relationship with Jesus and ultimately having Him in their hearts.

How to Practically Share Your Faith

Jesus may be in your heart, but how do you share Him with others? How do you correctly defend your faith when you are challenged? We use a simple acronym for that: FAITH. (Friendships – Actions – Inspired Word of God – Testimony – Holy Spirit) Our goal is to build confidence in the authority of the Bible and then present ways on how to share your Christian faith.

Call to Service

Who are you? What does God call you to do? Jesus says, “Go into all the world.” The word GO is a call to service. Our goal in this talk is to inspire church members to use their gifts, opportunities, means, and whatever else they have to reflect the glory of God through service to others.

Note: This is a sample schedule of how a typical full weekend program generally functions. This is, of course, subject to change, depending on the structure and choices of the church hosting the program.

Sample Sermon

We are ready

for a weekend program at your church.


YDYD does not charge a fee for hosting the program. We do, however, ask for the travel costs, meals, and lodging to be covered.